Customer Testimonials

The difference that Emma has made to my horses is quite amazing. Nothing is too much trouble and her wealth of knowledge is extensive. I have regular training with Emma, she keeps my horses in great physical shape with soft tissue therapy and they regularly stay in livery with her for some intensive training while we are on holiday. She even resolved our initial loading issues, and Mattie now walks onto the lorry with no problem at all. Emma is very knowledgeable, her attention to detail is exceptional, standards of service are top quality and everything is delivered in a calm and professional manner. My current horse was written off as a happy hacker when I bought him and Emma suggested that we 'see what we can do with him' since his natural movement was good. He did have some physical issues which have been resolved through therapy and correct training and we are now competing at affiliated Novice - something that I would never have thought possible. Our story is quite inspirational and just goes to show what can be achieved with determination and the right professional support.

Cathy, Dave and Mattie - Selston

I brought my very unhappy horse to Emma after having quite a bad fall from her. She was very tense generally, not happy to go forward when ridden and bucked. She wouldn't load and was quite worried about life in general. Within one month I have a completely different horse - Emma has taken the time to understand her and gives her the reassurance and confidence that she has lacked. Her loading issues were overcome very quickly and caringly. She was very tight muscularly which Emma resolved at the outset and after riding her on only 4 occasions she has totally transformed her. I now have a very happy horse, well behaved and working beautifully. Our plans are to affiliate this year - can't wait to see how she will develop over the next 6 months with Emma's help and support. A very different place from the desperation that I felt prior to working with Emma - I was at the point of giving up. I always believed that I had a good horse, I just couldn't find her.

Mel and Ruby